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Another Project Teaser

I foolishly thought the end of the spring quarter would permit me more time to work on re-edits, but that has yet to become a priority given a few weddings, new media projects, and other miscellaneous work. For the audio and video course I took, my final long video project was on a week long tent revival. To work on this project near the end of an exhausting and stressful quarter surprisingly was refreshing and definitely alleviated a bit of soul sickness in the sense that I was reminded of home, religion in the South, and this sense of a hospitable community that I do not always have the luxury of feeling on certain projects I’ve taken on in Ohio. Granted, I am also reminded of Durkheim’s collective effervescence and will not dispute that this also contributed to my feelings while in that designated sacred space by the church conducting the revival. As I learned in my undergraduate years, often the best comprehensive research involves teetering on the line of insider and outsider perspectives. Each viewpoint possesses information that cannot be fully realized and understood without suspending certain beliefs and bias and then choosing to embrace something foreign to your person in an empathetical and epistemologically open manner.

Though I am still in the process of re-editing the video after a final critique from my professor and peers, I will share a couple of still frames I captured. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I will be more put together…or not.

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