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Road Trippin

I meant to post this entry the day I left town, but some internet complications impeded that from happening.

After Alec Soth came to speak at OU, I think a lot of people in that room wanted to have their own experience and version of Sleeping by the Mississippi. I knew I’d be driving to Maryland from South Carolina for a friend’s wedding; so, I had started plotting an extended road trip, which hasn’t exactly panned out like I’d hope.

I left two days late. And arrived to the north early. In part, poor planning and not enough research. I purposely wanted this to be a more spontaneous venture because I have always been too analytical and planning for numerous what-if situations.

The night before I left, I wasn’t in a good mental space. Since finishing the graduate program at OU in early June, I have felt mostly in a state of unsettling limbo. No full-time job. No steady income. No set future. This has led to a lot of frustration, anger, questioning if I made the right decision to leave Charleston 2 years ago. My presence in the photography world and market in Charleston dissipated by almost 100% in that time frame. So now I’m left with figuring out where I belong in this field and if I can find a way to fully support myself by being a full time photographer.

This trip’s theme is to be religion and spirituality. A little of that has come through, but much more in materialistic means than through people. In the spirit of the road trip, I combined 3 clips I shot along James Island/Johns Island last December. Actually road trip content to come in the near future.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]
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