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Rodeo Teaser

Hopefully, no one has considered my lack of posting to mean I haven’t been working on projects. If so, then let me correct that assumption. For the first eight weeks of this quarter, I’ve been working on a project involving an amazing family. The Montgomery home lives and breathes rodeo. It brought Mary and Bryan together over twenty years ago and the tradition is continuing on with their daughter, Sara, who is a part of the Ohio High School Rodeo Association.

One of the things I’ve learned during my time with them is that it’s really just about family. But that doesn’t include only the three of them. It extends to neighbors and other rodeo families. Every high school rodeo entails people coming from all over the state to camp for an entire weekend during competitions, and what exists in that space has cultivated strong familial bonds between the people there that manifests in shared meals, hanging out, and horse play (pun intended).

Below are just a few teaser images. The final project is an audio slideshow, which will be unveiled sometime in the near future when I get the okay or opt to ask forgiveness, whichever comes first. The images in this post are not in the final edit of the project; so, hopefully, that gives you a reason to return when the video is publicly released. A few other projects have been in the works; so, once the quarter winds down, I’ll share those as well.

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