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The Elementalists

This past quarter, I was enrolled in Feature Writing for Magazine. I realized how much I miss words and writing. It was refreshing and also rejuvenating to be doing something other than solely focusing on photography and video. Creative balance, exploration, and growth are necessity to sustain me and prevent me from becoming burned out.

In saying that, I didn’t diverge too far since both my articles dealt with photography. The first article, The Elementalists, is about two photographers who specialize in location and outdoor photography. The second article is a reflection  on my first year of graduate school. Year One is a succinct 21 pages double spaced, and likely still needs additional details. However, I don’t think I’ll be sharing that in public domain until I officially have the M.A. So, maybe in 3 years since I still have a master’s project to complete and present.

The link below will open a PDF version of the first article.

The Elementalists

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